Resources, you might find useful.


Visual Studio Code Setup

My Visual Studio Code Settings


It's a tool for Practicing HTML,CSS,JS without worrying about the setup

Dev CheatSheats

Collected Developer's CheatSheat of different languages and tools.


W3 Schools

Best website to start learning HTML.

HTML5 Elements Reference

This site will get you updated about the use and best practices for HTML.

HTML5 Entities Reference

List of symbols and Entities you will be using in your projects.


CSS Almanac

Provides you the best information/knowledge about CSS and how you can use it.

Jonas's Advanced CSS Course

The best CSS Course till now, which will make you a PRO in css.

CSS Reference by Codedrops

Another almanac from codedrops. Hope you find it useful.

30 CSS Selectors Guide by Tutplus

This will help you get a better understanding of CSS Selectors


A small tool to help you using the new and powerful clip-path property.

CSS Easing Functions

Easing functions for transition and animation. Can be used with


JavaScript Reference by MDN

Best JavaScript Documentation for learning key terms and pretty much everything.

JavaScript Operator Precedence Table

Very handy cheatsheet to determine which JavaScript operators are evaluated first.

DOM Manipulation Reference

A complete DOM manipulation reference

JavaScript KeyCodes Reference

Get keyboard codes, unicodes and keycodes. Vital reference for keypress event handling.

Principles of Writing Good JavaScript

While I don't follow this 100%, it's good to have a style guide to write better code.

JavaScript Design Patterns

Javascript design patterns for advanced study.



React feather, best for minimal beautiful icons.

Google Material Icons

Best utility icons and more, specifically designed web fonts.

Font Awesome

A wide range and variety of icons. Can be used as both SVG and Web Font.


Open-Source, Handcrafted Icons.

Hero Icons

Another set of free icons from makers of Tailwind CSS

Phosphor Icons

Yet another flexible icon set for your next project.


This one is best suited, if you want to use IconPacks/Sprites.


Color Hunt

Thousands of color palettes to choose that will suit your project.


Another color palette generator.

Open Color

An open-source color scheme, optimized for UI.

UI Gradients

Collection of beautiful color gradients for you to choose from and export to your project.

Tint and Shade Generator

Easily create lighter and darker versions of any base color. Perfect for hovers, borders and gradients.

Color Contrast Checker

Calculate the contrast ratio of text and background colors.


Google Fonts

The #1 resource for free and easy-to-use webfonts. Has a huge library of fonts.

1001 Fonts

Want to download old/retro fonts or display fonts. Chec this out.


The best, 100% free fonts for commercial use. Another well-known huge font library.


World's largest library of premium fonts, if you need more than free fonts for your next project.



#1 resource for free high-resolution photos. There are more photos here than you can imagine!


Another great resource for free stock photos and videos, created by photographers around the world.


Hundreds of free and open-source illustrations for your websites, and colors are even customizable.

ISO Republic

Thousands of Free High-Resolution Stock CC0 Images and Videos


Hand-drawn vector illustration and icon resources, perfect for your next project.

UI Faces

Avatar photos, perfect for mockups or placeholders. Don't use them for real people...


Best resource for beautiful and free videos about every imaginable topic, easily searchable.


One Page Love

Gallery of beautiful websites, sorted into multiple categories.


Most well-known destination to find design inspiration, not just web design.


The awards of design, creativity and innovation on the internet. This one features more creative designs.


Inspiration for individual elements and mobile components.


PowerShell Documentation

Microsoft's PowerShell Documentation for learning powershell scripting and for reference.

PowerShell Gallery

Similar to NPM, provides Modules/Packages for PowerShell.

For Python Automation

If you are starting python full-stack automation. Check this.

Linux Terminal CheatSheat

Linux cheatsheat for productive while writing scripts.


HTML Validator by W3C

Check if your HTML markup is valid and contains no errors. Official W3C tool.

CSS Validator by W3C

Check if your CSS markup is valid and contains no errors. Official W3C tool.

Website Speed Optimization Guide

An excellent guide to optimize your webpage speed. This is something many devs overlook!

Google PageSpeed Insights

Easy tool to test your webpage for performance. You can also use it in Chrome DevTools (Lighthouse).

Google Analytics

Get free insights about website traffic, visitors and conversions. A must for every website.


Get a SEO review of your website to address common issues, and get ahead of your competition.


Compressing images is the most important performance optimization. This is my #1 tool to do so!


Another tool to compress up to 20 JPEG and PNG images while keeping a good level of quality.

Real favicon Generator

Just upload an image and this tool creates favicons for your website for all platforms.


Haikei App

A wholesome site to create a lot of things including images for dots, waves, masks etc.